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“There are things that are thought of as fantasies merely because they are far away.That is how it is in the world of stars.Just as it is with people that are too beautiful–they disappear easily….I realize now how beautiful a person he is. Therefore how far away he is from me.He will disappear someday too.Just as people who are too beautiful often do.” – Gil Ra Im.

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It’s been, what ? 5 months since Hyun Bin ‘s enlistment in the Marines, but still news are hovering in the media and netizen sites as well.

Lately his photos from  the controversial book  I AM MARINE issued by the ROK Marines surfaced .

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because he is busy establishing a diverse career in Japan. >.<

Coffee Prince male lead star Gong Yoo has entered a contract with EMI Japan  early this June which  will primarily manage his acting and music endeavors there.  To advance his hallyu star overseas, this step would surely make him much busier, but out in Korea’s TV industry.

He then quoted  “I plan to maintain a good partnership with EMI in order to extend exchanges with my Japanese fans. I wish to stay in touch with everyone not just with my work in Korea but through other diverse projects.”

As much as I want to see him in another kdrama flick, he really sings well.  Whose  Japanese heart did not flutter during his Love Song For You roadshow? Envy come near me!

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until Kim Joo Woon wont be wearing this anymore.

So is CEO Kim Joo Won kidding when he mentioned that he got a high regard when 
it comes to fashion? You bet!!These tracksuits  were designed by Yelocloc and included 
in their PROJECT SECRET GARDEN collection.How is that!

Secret Garden training #1 

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Oh, it’s been almost a year after the Philippine broadcast of this drama wrapped up, (somewhere in August 2010). However, seems like overseas fans are still clinging to the story of a remarkable Queen of Shilla. As a matter of fact, a Philippine-based facebook page (with almost 50,000 likes)  remains active till now, and wanting for GMA Network (The local TV who got the franchise) to have it replayed.

QSDPH Facebook Page reaches to almost 50,000 likes to date.

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I dont know what the captions are saying .

But the photos are enough for me to swoon. ^^

cr: Hyun Bin Daum Cafe

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In 2012, am not looking forward for the end of the world mania (read: mayan calendar myths).

But because of these two namja’s that will be coming back to showbiz in time.  I hope they will team up again for a drama or a movie. (and I want segeuk or action genre.  LOL)


what does Hyun Bin and Kim Nam Gil have in common? Lemme count ’em:

Both have starred in MBC’s Nonstop4. Way back then , in 2004, they were just two rookies in the industry. (LOL at their do’s)

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He left for military and serving the marines as Kim Tae Pyung.

But we are still in the denial mode, and am to admit I feel like am in the asylum now–not wanting any withdrawal. Nah!!

(cr: Hyun Bin Daum Cafe)

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Fact. I love Midas. And I say tis again. Stocks and Law and Money talks wont bore me at all, specially when Jang Hyuk is in it. I didn’t see him in Chuno YET. The last time I watched him was in Windstruck which was aaages ago. That’s why everything, about this drama is a fresh from -the -oven serving to me. Hot and sizzling.

First off, this is why Korean Drama stood out from the rest of drama industry in Asia, maybe even around the world.  They have a variety of plot and premises to introduce to their audiences. Stocks and money war, for one. I thought they are just excelling to rom coms, saeguk and makjangs. But hey, Midas caught me. It’s like I was mesmerized by a Korean version of Brangelina in the financial world. Hee Hah.

(There was Money War to be compared off, but ill take a research about this later because Midas really flooded my senses now. *grins*).

So here’s my cents about Episode 1-4. It was supposed to be 5 ..but see, am flooded with Midas in mind. I need to unload all of  these  before I’ll become  possessed  like Do Hyun.

TOP TEN HIGHLIGHTS from Episode 1-4

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